From the recording Paper Lanterns

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Get ready for the fight

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Charlotte Kerrigan: Vocals, Piano, Acoustic guitar, BVs
Ryan Gatling: Saxophone
Derek Johnson: Bass
David McGurk: Cajon


Get ready for the fight

Argue in the day time, party through the night
Raise that bottle to your lips, and get ready for the fight

Turn the radio up to drown out the shouting
Ain’t nobody need to listen to your mouthing
Drums and bass kick in and so do you
Tomorrow we’ll all be black ‘n blue

You're getting into your stride now, just settling in,
Your house is your castle yeah you're the King
Power is your drug, adrenaline through your veins
You can't wait for the hit again

Oh you’re the star of the show
Take another shot there’s no telling how far you’ll go