From the recording Paper Lanterns

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We Gotta Help Ourselves

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Charlotte Kerrigan Vocals, Piano
Howard Manins Harmonica
Ryan Gatling Saxophone
Derek Johnson Bass
David McGurk Cajon/percussion
Annette Esquenet, Jessica Clough, Jess Deacon, Kylee Martin, Liz Manins, Petra Rasmussen, Steph Casey, Steph Dyhrberg Gospel Choir backing vocals


Revolution can come quietly sometimes, creeping up on you from behind
You don’t have to be waving a flag to make a difference to your life

We gotta help ourselves (we gotta help ourselves)
We gotta heal ourselves (we gotta heal ourselves)
We gonna save the world (we’re gonna save the world)
We gotta choose ourselves (we gotta choose ourselves)
There’s nothing left to lose
We gotta help ourselves (we gotta help ourselves)

Standing still in the surge of a crowd is not an easy thing to do
Holding firm onto what you believe until the tide turns with you