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Devil's Got Your Soul

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Music and Lyrics by Charlotte Kerrigan 2016
Vocals and Piano Charlotte Kerrigan,
Guitar Rob Matthews,
Bass Derek Johnson,
Drums John Dear,
Saxophone Ryan Gatling,
Backing Vocals Jenna-Lea Philpott,
Recorded and Mixed by Lee Prebble, Surgery Studios, Wellington NZ



Long nights on your own
Waiting just to get back home
Lonely motel rooms that never end
Broken hearts that never seem to mend

You can’t make it on your own
So it’s one more for the road
Devils got your soul

You listen to the calling
You can’t wait for the morning light
It’s all there for the taking
It whispers till it breaks you

Desperation makes the strong fall
It’s an addiction you can’t fight it any more

You promise it’s your last
But the truth is in your past
You couldn't leave now if you wanted to
The Devil she has caught you