Bluesy folk soul singer-songwriter Charlotte Kerrigan has been performing in Kapiti for over 15 years with both her original music and covers bands Bluesette and Retro Divas. As well as performing and directing at Coasters Musical Theatre, Charlotte is also co-director of The Wellington Community Choir and writes/arranges songs for this vibrant all-comers choir. 

Charlotte released her debut EP ‘Metaphor’ in 2017, recorded at Surgery Studios with Lee Prebble. The album entered in at #1 on the NZ Top 40 Heatseekers albums and #7 in NZ Albums Top 40.   

The new album 'Paper Lanterns'  also recorded and mixed by Lee Prebble, and mastered by Mike Gibson of Munki Studios, was released 20 March 2020 during the worldwide covid19 pandemic, with the release show having to be cancelled because of the restrictions. Despite this the album went on sale via bandcamp and sold enough to enter the charts at # 20. 'Paper Lanterns' has a bluesy soul sound with a mix of gorgeous melancholy ballads as well as upbeat blues numbers. A 5/5 star review from describes the new album as "a collection of soulful, bluesy ballads with melodious jazz influence, and weighty compassion in her lyrics." Click on the links below to read the full review.

The vocals are exposed in their richness; captivating, harmonious, and with crazy good pitch.”

The second track Shame is gold, with a swinging beat and gripping melody. At one minute fifty four seconds, you really hear what her voice can do.”